Fish collagen: The collagen derived from freshwater and saltwater fish is Type 1 collagen, which is the most abundant type of collagen in the human body. It supports the building and maintaining of lean muscle, bone cell regeneration, wound healing, and firming of skin. Natural fish collagen also offers antibacterial properties, which can help improve overall health and protect your skin against bacterial infection.
Beef collagen: Like fish collagen, beef collagen is partially comprised of Type 1 cells, which are essential for maintaining skin, bone, and muscle health. But natural beef collagen also offers Type 3 cells, which promote gut health and restorative sleep.
Chicken collagen: The collagen derived from chicken is primarily Type 2 collagen, which contains numerous amino acids (including glutamine, arginine, and proline) essential for cardiovascular and immune system health. Chicken collagen also promotes youthful skin appearance and can help boost athletic performance.
Egg collagen: Collagen derived from egg yolks and membranes is unique in that it offers several micro-nutrients – such as B vitamins, sulfur, and vitamin E – that promote the absorption and use of collagen in your body. It’s like turning up the dial on your body’s ability to repair itself (and turn back the clock on your appearance)