Instead of putting billions of probiotic bacteria into a pill and hoping some organisms make it to the intestines alive, we focus on getting the live organisms into the intestines safely and effectively. Vive Biotics is saturated in a solution that places the individual live bacteria in a temporary static state and protects them against stomach acid and harsh stomach bile. 

Similar to how a special coating process is used for many medications that prevent the drugs from being activated until they reach the small intestine, only after they reach the intestines do they become activated and provide there many health benefits. Once the organisms in this product reach the intestines, they awaken from their state of hibernation and multiply in number, proliferating throughout the entire intestinal tract. This process dramatically enhances the survival and growth of bacteria over traditional probiotic supplements, since all other probiotic products rely on traditional encapsulation and not fermentation. Therefore, Vive Biotics is the first and only probiotic product of its kind.