Problems arise when people think that this is the end all, be all miracle pill. There is no such thing and this is not what is intended for. Be sure to take this with a good diet and exercise program for maximum results. 

A lot of people think that supplements do not work, because they do not give it the time to work. Do not make that mistake. Supplements are not drugs that work against the body and force something to happen. Supplements are friends of the body that work gently with the body to get the desired result which is why it typically takes 3-4 months for a supplement to give it's maximum benefit. 

We always recommend making healthy lifestyle changes to all of our customers. All of the suggestions we’ve given you are to help you become a healthier, happier person – not just see the number on your scale go down.

Keep in mind, most people gain weight from years of eating foods that are full of toxins such as chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives, as well as making poor food choices. It’s not only much how MUCH people eat that makes them gain weight, but what and when they are eating also causes weight gain. All of this leads to Liver problems and hormonal imbalances.

Supplements can help you get back on the right track, however without making a lifetime commitment to proper nutrition and exercise, most people will gain their weight back as soon as they stop taking a supplement.

Temporary fixes, lead to temporary weight loss.

We believe if we can help you adopt the proper eating, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits,
that in the long run, supplementation may not be required. This is why we include information about these topics in our Perfect Origins Fat Loss eBook, that comes FREE with every order, and in our follow up email newsletters.