Thank you for asking what doctors say about our LivLean, here is what Bala C. Rangaswami, M.D. has to say:

Liver health is a vital aspect of any health or weight loss program. Only in recent years has the medical community become aware of the Liver as an organ intricately tied to our immune system, metabolism of toxins, and weight management. As time progresses, we are becoming more exposed to toxins in the air, chemicals and preservatives in food and, still worse, medications.

These toxins need to be metabolized and broken down somewhere in the body to prevent harmful effect to the body. The primary organ for this is indeed the liver. Over years of study, I have discovered Dr. Charles' LivLean.

The ingredients contained in the product are backed by multiple clinical studies and are directly related to the health of the liver. Because I haven't found any interaction with either over the counter or prescription medications, I, without hesitation, place my patients on LivLean Formula#1 for the exact purpose of detoxification. I stand by this product given its importance in maintaining good liver health.


Bala C. Rangaswami, M.D.
Director, Hospitalist Program Community Westview Hospital
Chief Medical Officer, Access2MD